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Our dream home a real live example of ""

Millions watch Renovation TV and DIY networks.  They dream of doing what they see on TV, but when the designer asks the homeowner "whats the budget?" and they reply $70,000 and up, the reality sets in for many as they don't have that much money. Where does that money come from? Our expo's introduce little known Consumer Renovation Programs (CRP's). CRPs are mortgages that fund today on a properties value tomorrow! Learn how you can Flip Your Home and stay there! FlipNStay.   

Few renters rent because they want to, they do so because they think they have to. This expo is uniquely designed to convert them to HOME BUYERS

Real Estate Investors - Hard Money is not the only option!


CHICAGO HOME EXPO makes real the notion,  "Don't just watch HGTV, Experience it!" Come share and our vision that neighborhood and community revitalization happens when you renovate, revitalize and live better at home. Lenders will be there to pre-qualify on the spot!


HOME OWNERS / BUYERS & those interested in FLIPPING properties, this is YOUR Event!

Renovate & Revitalize a home you own or want!  Get your FUTURE EQUITY today with Consumer Renovation Programs (CRPs) that fund today on a properties value tomorrow!

Rent because you want to, not because 
you think you have to.  Think you can't buy o
r refinance?  Learn how to really address what's holding most of you back.

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Lenders at expo will Pre-Qualify on-the-spot  

Even if you're not ready, get a plan started. Know what you need to do to get Pre-Approved

CREDIT is only a problem if you don't understand it. See Warren's credit report

before and after 508 to 675. 

Say "Goodbye" to your credit woes.

TVN Founder & Expo Host

LaShawn Davis with Ty Pennington

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