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About the Expo

CHICAGO HOME EXPO and Workshops are brought to you by Real Estate agents Warren & LaShawn Davis, through their non-for-profit organization, The Village Network.  The theme "Live Better At Home" is all about neighborhood revitalization.  From lenders onsite to pre-qualify on the spot, accredited designers to give insight how to beautify your home, to innovative products - all to help you Live Better At Home. This FREE event will give you a hours of key information and all you need to know so you can not just watch HGTV but experience it!  


HOMEOWNERS: Don't have enough equity in your home? Learn how to tap into you future home value to revitalize your home and increase its equity, afterwards you decide to stay and love it , or list it and sell.  No longer will the HGTV homeowner renovation  be a fantasy, learn how you CAN experience it! 

RENTERS: this is your time to PURCHASE A HOME.

FLIPPERS/INVESTORS: Learn how to be one or do it better.


REAL ESTATE BROKERS: Learn and ask questions about the evolution of Real Estate Brokerage Models such as eXp Realty- an international brokerage, known to be the "Amazon" of the Real Estate Industry. Interested in becoming licensed in Real Estate? ... Attend the eXp Realty booth and workshop.

Time to OWN!

Get pre-qualified at the expo or get a head start avoid waiting in line click here

You will find a variety of options at the expo to help with DPA 

Neighborhood Housing Services, Community Services, Housing Counseling, Energy Assistance, and lots more...Learn how to be an active member of your community

Home Owners  - Banks will pre-qualify on the spot.   Click here for a market analysis of what your property value and what it could be worth after renovation. Meet a designer for a free consultation.

Meet an accredited designer at the Expo.  All you need is your budget after you get prequalified and get CMA. Click here to get a head start. 

Workshops - Awesome workshops Love It or List It, Property Brothers, The Smart Home, Innovation in brokerage models for real estate agents (eXp Realty), The Key to Neighborhood Revitalization, Block Clubs, Credit Repair and many more.

There will be a number  of licensed contractors at the expo for you to discuss your project with

A variety of new and exciting products that will help you

 Live Better at Home 

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