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Consumer Renovation Programs (CRPs) - A Key to Neighborhood Revitalization & Your Money to Fixer Upper, Property Brothers or Love It or List It

Way too many home owners in Chicagoland and throughout the US, have homes that have little to no equity and/or are in need of major repair /improvement. According to the US Census Bureau over 40% of homes were built before 1969.  Many homeowners are upside down, meaning they owe more than the property is worth.  They are stuck.



Most have not heard of Consumer Renovation Programs (CRP's), like FHA203K and Fannie Mae's HomeStyle.  They are government programs - residential mortgages offered by a variety, but not all banks.  CRP's fund today on a properties value tomorrow.   They allow you to tap into your FUTURE equity today.  Click here to learn more about how they work.


Chicago Aldermen and Alderwomen interested in neighborhood revitalization as it pertains to the homesteads in their wards, are partnering with TVN to educate their homeowners on the benefits of FlipNStay.  FlipNStay can help a homeowner fearing gentrification stay in their home. 


Visit a flipped or recently renovated property in your area so you can see what your home could look like. Contact us to learn more.


To see how much of a renovation budget you can qualify for and learn more contact us today.

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