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Founded by Real Estate brokers Warren and LaShawn Davis, The Village Network, NFP,  has the mission of empowering residents through education aimed to improve communities and neighborhoods, hence the motto: "Neighborhood Revitalization from Within."   


Home Improvement--Making it Accessible

Unknown to many are the consumer renovation programs (CRPs). Programs include HUD's FHA 203(k) and Fannie Mae's Homestyle, two of the most popular options.


CRP's are a key part of the solution to neighborhood revitalization relative to the homestead as they rely on funds from the private sector banks, not on tax dollars.  We call this Flip-N-Stay.  A homeowner can literally flip their home and stay there and enjoy the increased equity position.


We advocate for the value improvement in underserved areas through the VAR Initiative.


As the host of home expos ( and workshops, The Village Network convenes experts, suppliers, lenders, credit experts, green energy providers, and multiple "home-centric" vendors under one roof to empower consumers with a wealth of information needed to become informed, savvy homeowners with immediate access to resources. 


Warren & LaShawn Davis are Real Estate brokers and community advocates who live on Chicago's South Side. Warren's prior experience of over 10 years as a mortgage loan officer, combined with LaShawn's design and construction expertise give them the drive and understanding to make a difference. 


Contact Us

Please contact us to learn more about The Village Network.  


Warren Davis  773-426-2896 

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