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My name is Warren Davis. My wife LaShawn and I are Realtors, but we are first Real Estate advocates. We host the largest, most comprehensive housing expo in Chicago, the site you are on now! One of our primary goals is to help those who rent, become homeowners. We have found that most have credit issues, not a lot of money for down payment or just don't feel now is the right time to buy.  We have successfully helped 100's of families in this market buy a single family or a multi-unit property. How? If you knew what we know, renting for you would end sooner than later.  So we pass on to what we know to you via our housing expo and proven resources. We consult, educate and work closely with you to resolve the problems that are in the way of getting approved for a mortgage.  

Who better to help you get in a position to buy than those who successfully close real estate transactions for a living?  If you are a buyer our services are totally free to you.  Contact us to schedule a consultation.  You have nothing to loose except your lease :-)

Call or text us at: 773-426-2896


"I went to my bank for a loan, and was denied due to my past credit issues.  I went to a seminar hosted by Warren & LaShawn, and did a few things to my credit as advised. They referred me to another lender and I was approved!  
I thought I had to rent, I was proved wrong and couldn't be happier"   ..Renee W.

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